Testimonals (Cataract)

No Injection / No Suture / No Eye Patch Technique

I have come to India twice for my cataract surgery in both eyes. The surgery was miraculously done in ten minutes with no pain at all. I was not given any injection but just eye drops to anesthetize my eyes. I was a bit apprehensive in beginning but the clear vision which I got after first surgery encouraged me to go for other eye in next visit. On behalf of our family, I express many thanks to Dr Sharma and the hospital staff.

Mr Keo Sokha
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We see Dr. Parul less as a doctor and more as a friend

My mother was already in her mid 70s when she required her first cataract surgery. At her age, and being a patient of Parkinson’s, she tends to get tense and flustered rather easily. But Parul has such a pleasant, friendly and kind manner about her, that she calmed Mum’s fears within seconds. She is the sort of doctor who is becoming a rarity these days – a person for whom a patient is not just a number, but a human being who needs to be treated as an individual with individual needs and insecurities. She is now our family eye doctor, but we see her less as a doctor and more as a friend.

My experience with dr. Parul Sharma at Max Hospital, Gurgaon
I thank Max Hospital Gurgaon and its effeicient and caring team of doctors, nursing and support staff.  From my experience there when i visitied  Dr. Parul M Sharma, Eye Surgeon for my eye check up last Nov'2013 , I can say that i was in safe and caring hands which are well trained.  I had gone for a routine check up and at the visit i was diagnosed with Catract in both the eyes. Dr. Sharma suggested surgery for both the eyes, one at a time with in a span of 20-25 days.
I found Dr. Sharma as very compassionate doctor.  The surgery itself took hardly 10-15 minutes through laser technique and I was discharged from the hospital after a few hrs.after day care hospitalization. 
My vision has since improved and now I need glasses only for writing and
reading purposes. I feel much confident as my vision has improved and i dont mind driving in the night which i was earlier avoiding.
I thank Dr. Parul Sharma for her advise and treatment and to MAX for providing good care.
Birendra Jha
Dt. 27th Feb, 2014
The Surgery was over in 15 minutes...

I was suffering from poor vision and came to Dr Parul Sharma. After detailed testing she advised cataract surgery with these new type of lenses which corrected my both distance & near number. These intraocular lenses I believe are not suitable for all eyes & hence am glad that my eyes were examined thoroughly.The surgery was over in fifteen minutes with no injection or pain and mashallah I could see well next day. Am very obliged to my surgeon & bless her with all my heart.


Mr Hasan Hussein

No Injection / No Suture / No Eye Patch Technique

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and your dedicated staff for drastically altering my life in such a positive way. Thank you again, Dr. Parul, for being a consummate professional, a compassionate doctor and a brilliant surgeon. After cataract operation, both my eyes are looking better than before.  I will never forget what you have done to me. You will be in my prayers and may God bless you always!

S.C. Jain
MD-Tulip Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
Builders & Developers,New Delhi & Gurgaon


My grandmother had poor vision due to cataract and some corneal problems. She came to India and we got in touch with Dr Sharma. Both eyes were operated with excellent results and we then took a tour of Agra and visited all exotic places in Delhi. Thank You, not only for medical help but the general guidance you gave us through out the trip. Hope to visit your country again soon! 

Dondolma Ochir-Mongolia


The cataract surgeries for both my eyes were made to look like such simple operations in hands of Dr Sharma. The best part was the detailed counseling I got by her personally on choice of intraocular lens at planning stage.I got to understand that the costliest may not be the best option for me and each eye has to be examined in detail before deciding this important factor. During the surgery I did not receive any injection around the eye (of which I was quite anxious about) and could resume my daily routine from very next day. The vision was restored to normal within few days and I now enjoy a much better quality of life.

Chandra Deo Prasad

Multifocal Intraocular lens - Freedom from glasses

At the age of 69,with three different prescriptions in progressive glasses (distance +2.0,intermediate +3.75, near,+4.50),lasik would have given distance correction or a planned monovision (one eye for distance and other for near). After detailed examination, refractive lens exchange with multifocal IOL was opted as the best choice by Dr Sharma.

Thank you for your excellent work Dr. Sharma, its really great not to have to bother with glasses anymore, the amount of discomfort experienced was minimal and I am really pleased with the results. Thank you once again.

Mr Roger Thomas
Managing Director

Cataract & Glaucoma

I have had glaucoma since 1989 and been on medical treatment after glaucoma laser. For few years I had developed advanced cataract in both eyes too. I was hesitant to go for surgery as the doctors had explained me higher chance of risk and complications (my pupils also do not dilate well) .Eventually I met Dr Parul who undertook my case and operated on both my eyes. I am very happy & satisfied with the treatment, especially with her diligence n commitment. There is vast improvement in my vision & quality of living. Thanks to the medical science, Dr.Parul.M.Sharma and the supporting staff. May they comfort many such patients. God bless.

S.K.SEN  (Engineer)


The surgery performed was done by such good hands that I did not feel a thing, it was over before I knew and had restored perfect vision soon after surgery. I am very happy and thankful to Dr Parul.

Surendra Prasad


Undergoing cataract surgery has been a very reassuring and exhilarating experience. Under the kind care of Dr Parul Sharma it has been free of any problems. She is a very friendly and communicative person. Every doubt of mine was put to rest by her. Her sweet temperament adds to the patient’s confidence. I got both my eyes operated at Max by her. Overall facilities and services were very satisfactory, in fact quite good.

Indu Godura

Freedom from Glasses after Cataract Surgery: Planned Monovision

It has been more than 8 months that I had my cataract operated at Max. It has been a great experience. Not only the operation was faultless, but I am enjoying the glasses less vision after a long time. Dr Parul planned monovision cataract surgery-one eye was implanted with intraocular lens for distance correction and the other for near vision giving me independence from glasses after cataract surgery. I wonder at times what took me so long to come to you. Please accept my grateful thanks and kudos for the excellent operation. My best wishes to you and your patients who are going to benefit from your skill. Kind regards.

Vinod Singh
(Advisor-GHCL Ltd)


I am posted in Gurgaon with a MNC and had to get my father operated for cataract. He is a writer back home in Bangladesh and had stopped writing due to poor vision for sometime now. We consulted Dr Parul Sharma at Max who with utmost care and gentle attitude took care of my father. After both eyes surgery he was ecstatic and thankful. The first writing which he did after surgery was to write a poem on eyes and dedicated it to Dr Sharma.

Hillol, Bangladesh


I was apprehensive as I got cataract at age of 42 and had doubts and queries. After all instigations came normal I was scheduled for surgery. We discussed the choice of intraocular lens for my eyes. The doctor was very sweet and conducted my surgery so softly and comfortably, it was over in very short time. The hospital services are good, everything was taken care of well and in proper time.

Anju Anand
DLF phase1-Gurgaon

Cataract & Diabetic Retiropathy

My mother had advanced diabetes and poor vision. When we met Dr Parul she diagnosed that my mother had both cataract and diabetic retinopathy. She explained to us how diabetes can slowly damage the retina and explained to us the need of getting retinal laser first. After the laser, my mother underwent cataract surgery in both eyes one after the other in same year and is doing much better with God’s grace. My mother has become very fond of Dr Parul and thanks her all the time.

Issar Ahmad
Manager-J&K Bank


I had started experiencing diminished vision and glare specially while driving. We came to delhi and met Dr Sharma who eventually conducted surgeries on my eyes for cataract. She does the surgery without local  injection and there was no patch or any discomfort to me during or after the surgery which was great. We always come at meet her during our visit to Delhi. My wife has also opened at optical centre in Guwahati with her advice!

Samit Dey

Cataract Surgery

My eyesight had been affected possibly by blood sugar remaining on a higher level, undetected for a prolonged period. I could not see a person’s features from two paces, could not read at all. Someone, whose life earlier had been improved by the Midas touch surgery by the beautiful Dr Parul, recommended me to see her at Max Hospital - Gurgaon. I was totally convinced by her self confidence that I was in safe hands and in the right place. I eagerly reported for the surgery on the appointed day. single person from the ward boys to the nurses and the attending doctors were cordial, respectful, caring and rFrom the moment I stepped into the hospital my experience was absolutely pleasant. I was made comfortable in the day care ward that had 5 star comforts and the routine preparation procedures were started on my right eye. To cut a long pleasant fairy tale like story short, even my experience at the operation theatre was dreamy. The ambience of the operation theatre was not scary, maybe because I knew Dr Parul was somewhere close, but also because every eassuring at the same time. That and the fact that they projected the image that they knew what they were doing. There was complete communication lineup. The surgery itself was magical, it was over in minutes. Dr Parul later told me it was one of the more difficult surgeries that she had performed. She had made me feel at the time that everything was going as per procedure and I had nothing to worry about. She kept apprising me about what she was doing, reassuringly. The end result was I could see better than I can remember being able to see ever before. I guess what Dr Parul strives to do and accomplishes is, “Do it right the first time every time.” I liked my new crisp vision in the right eye so much that within the month I got my left eye surgery done too. I have just finished writing a fiction novel after Dr Parul did her magic on my eyes. I wish every person having an eye problem would be fortunate enough and get guided to come under the gentle care of Dr Parul and of Max Hospital, Gurgaon. This is a heartfelt message and not an advertisement and I would gladly repeat it a thousand times. I am so happy. In short, Dr Parul has changed my life.

Sarabpal Singh

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