Testimonals (Lasik)

Patients Testimonials for Lasik

Getting the Lasik procedure done always comes with a fair share of questions but meeting Dr. Sharma calms your nerves and gives you confidence that your life and seeing can only get better. There is ample guidance given before and after the procedure that helps you a lot along the way. There was an exhaustive precheckup of my eyes,scans,measurments and detailed discussion on procedure and which type of LASIK to go for.

The actual procedure took less then fifteen minutes on table and i went back home same day armed with eyedrops to be used!The wow effect was great the next day.It's been over two weeks and I can see everything around me perfectly! No more getting up in the morning looking for my spectacles or spending precious time in getting my lenses in or reluctantly planning stay overs. Life will change for you after this surgery, just as mine has.

Soumya Rao

Patients Testimonials for Lasik

I was nervous before the surgery as I've never received any hospital treatment before and considering my eyes were going under the spotlight, my anxiety was understandable. I met Dr Sharma at Max Hospital where she carried out extensive tests, and was told I could book the surgery within five days. She was very reassuring and optimistic about the process, which calmed my nerves.

On the day of the procedure, I arrived at the hospital where I was seen to straight away. Further tests were carried out and my final prescription ascertained. I felt confident by the number of tests being carried out to ensure the surgery would be most effective. Whilst I was being prepared for the surgery, I was impressed by the cleanliness of the hospital and professionalism of the staff who were very helpful. Dr Sharma then gave me a detailed breakdown of how the surgery would be carried out. The surgery was painless and very quick. Dr Sharma continued to explain what she was about to do every step of the way, which consoled my nerves.

Immediately after the procedure, my eyes felt very sensitive to the light and irritated. However, once I took the necessary eye drops and slept for a couple of hours, I woke up to perfect vision! I returned to Dr Sharma the following day where she told me I had better than 20:20 vision.

The whole procedure was very quick, professionally conducted and I felt I was in safe hands with Dr Sharma's knowledge and expertise. I am taking eye drops to avoid dryness but the surgery has been 100% successful. It’s transformed my life. It’s definitely the best investment I could have done for myself and I recommend it to anyone who understands the nuisance of poor vision.

Raj Kaur Bilkhu
Broadcast Journalist, London-



       After Lasik

I was referred by a family friend to Dr Parul Sharma. The pre-lasik checkup, procedure and post surgery was all smooth and very comfortable. I am very glad and satisfied by the results.

Nivedita Grover
Model, Faridabad/Dubai



       After Lasik

Am very happy that I decided to get my lasik done as I can see clearly for the first time without my glasses/ contact lens. At my first consult, I was asked to discontinue my contact lens for 2 weeks, following which many tests were conducted on my eyes to determine the exact glasses number to be corrected, cornea thickness, retina checkup etc. The procedure was explained to me in detail,
I felt no pain during and after the operation. During the procedure Dr Parul kept talking and guiding me throughout. She is very polite and treated me like a mother!


Anu Bansal
Engineer, Gurgaon







I came to Dr Sharma to consult for lasik with some doubts. She was very patient in explaining all details to me. After detailed eye testing, the procedure was done. I felt no pain but had little irritation on first day after procedure. Next day my vision was completely normal and my eyes are comfortable. I am so happy to get rid of my glasses, so a big thank you!)

Mrs. Waki
Tokyo, Japan

Age is no bar for Lasik-presbyopic correction by Monovisison!

I used to hate wearing spectacles,specially the reading ones. I just could not carry on with this burden of forever searching for my glasses and decided that i HAD to do something about it. When I met Dr Sharma, i was made aware that i have two different prescription at my age.. that is distance and near. I either go for full correction for both eyes for distance and then wear reading glasses as and when required or opt for MONOVISION -that is correct one eye for distance and other for near. Since i did not want to wear glasses for both distance and near,i opted for monovision.I was first shown on glasses how my correction would be post procedure. The lasik procedure went off like breeze and was over in ten minutes. The first day it took me sometime to focus at different distances but in copule of days it was PERFECT..finally i was free from the burden of glasses.A big thanks to Dr Sharma for so patiently explaining me everything and such wonderful execution of procedure

Ms Simone
New Zealand

Dr. Parul Sharma's knowledge, competence and confidence shine through in her approach.

Dr. Parul Sharma's knowledge, competence and confidence shine through in her approach. The tests and the lasik procedure were carried out with calm efficiency, and the pre and post care and checkups were thorough. After wearing glasses/ contacts for more than thirty years, being able to see clearly on your own, again, feels like a miracle. My father's cataract operation too was carried out by her, and the interaction, quality of eye care and results guarantee that the only ophthalmologist our family will be consulting will be her.

Ajay Ahluwalia
Chief Executive
Blackbelt Fitness, Gurgaon

THANKS Dr.Parul Sharma for providing me with this Boon by the Successful LASIK Laser operation

I never thought that I would be able to see without Spects in my Life ,but I really want to THANK Dr.Parul Sharma for providing me with this Boon by the Successful LASIK Laser operation.The LASIK operation was a Painless procedure and it just took 15mins for the operation and after  few days of rest, I have been able to resume work without any hassles .And really Dr.Parul Sharma she is very calm and composed and explained me everything and all of my queries before Operation.I think every Specy should go for this operation without any hesitation.Eyes are Precious than GOLD and I am really very Happy that I have these Precious Eyes because of Dr.Parul Sharma..

With Warm Regards,

Puneet Mittal
Sr. Lead - Centralized Fault Management
Enterprise Services
Bharti Airtel Limited, Gurgaon

Restoring My Eyesight

Much gratitude for restoring my eyesight. This celestial gift from your side would definatey add atleast 30 years to my youth. This is the best gift which i have received from an elder whose heavenly touch has done a big big miracle in less than 30 mins.
Thanks Dr. Parul for being such a wonderful person.
Thanks for the love and care.

Nirbhey Bhatia
Owner, Incharge of operations
Kennedy Public School

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