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(Implantable Collamer Lens)

The first thing that I always used to do after waking up was to grab my spectacles.... not anymore!!
People used to remember me as the person with very thick lensed spectacles.... not anymore!!
No matter how much care I put in, contact lenses never felt comfortable.... not anymore!!.

Thanks to the ICL( Implantable Contact Lenses) Surgery and Dr. Parul Sharma!!

I wanted to get the corrective surgery for my refractive errors since long but hesitated to visit an ophthalmologist.
It was the motivation from my friends and extensive research on the Internet that finally I took the appointment with Dr. Parul at MAX Hospital.

After carefully examining my eyes and taking all the required readings for corneal thickness, eye pressure, AC Depth etc., she confirmed that I am eligible for a corrective treatment. However, she also made it clear that LASIK will not be able to fully correct the high degree of myopia and suggested me to go with the Phakic IOL or popularly known as ICL surgery.

Another round of research over ICL and Dr. Parul's confidence were enough to make me ready for the treatment..

The lenses are specially manufactured on the basis of carefully taken eye characteristics.
The whole procedure took 10-15 minutes and was over before I even felt anything. As a precautionary measure, I stayed at the hospital for couple of hours and was discharged after a quick checkup. Vision improvement started immediately and the tests after two days confirmed that I've got 6/6 vision. Similar results were obtained when my other eye was operated next week.

I would strongly recommend people to go with ICL surgery as it doesn't involve any tissue removal, is reversible, is a painless procedure and gives excellent results within hours of operation.

Prashant Kabadwal
Age 24, IT professional, Gurgaon

ICL - Jatandeep
(Implantable Collamer Lens)

I was suggering from high myopia of -14 dipotres and could not see anything without the,Since my spectacles number was high and cornea not so thick,i was advised against Lasik.That is when Dr Sharma after examining my eyes in detail advised me to go for ICL-Phakic implantable contact lens. The surgery was meticulously planned,each eye requires many measurements so that custom made lens can be ordered.The surgery took only ten minutes per eye and voila i could see the whole beautiful world without my thick glasses.My life is completely changed now..am a much more confident person!


(Implantable Collamer Lens)

I just got a surgery called ICL for my eyes so just want to share my experience. ICL basically puts a contact lens inside your eye ball. Lens is customized according to each eye's shape and size.  It's a new option for people with high mypoa(like me) who are not good candidate for lasik.

For almost 15 years, I'hv been very nearsighted. I have always been dependent on glass or contacts, but lately i have become frustated with both and wanted to remove these anyhow.
Then I came to know about ICL surgery. As the word 'surgery' itself contains a risk factor so i was also worried about this but i knew after surgery i could have good vision without glasses and contacts both. After a months's research on internet  I decided to visit Dr. parul sharma at MAX Hospital, GURGAON.

I really thank to Dr. Parul Sharma for making me so comfortable in the whole surgery!!
Surgery required lots of doctor appointment like:
First Visit : tests and more tests like, corneal thickness, AC depth, Eye Pressure etc. to make sure I was an eligible candidate for ICL.
Second Visit : I went through Laser which was painful but it is the most important step before surgery.
Third Visit : Surgery to put lens in first eye.Must be 1 or 2 weeks after Laser treatment. Surgery was of 10-15 minutes only!!
Fourth Visit : Next day to surgery for an eye pressure checkup..
Fifth Visit : Surgery to put lens in second  eye.
Sixth Visit : Day after surgery for an eye pressure checkup.
Seventh Visit : just after a week to the surgery of both eyes, just to make sure everything looks good.
More visits -  according to doctor recommendation.

I strongly recommend people to go for an ICL as it is very effective and comes out with awesome results !!

Sonal Gupta
Survey Programmer, Gurgaon

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